2002 Mini Cooper S Parts

This car has a clear WA title but was hit on the passenger side @40 mph causing significant damage. Even after the collision the car started, ran and actually drove perfectly. Everything is for sale. If there are part(s) you need that are not listed please contact me.

No seats - sorry. The drivers seat, like most Gen1 Mini seats with leatherette (fake leather), was cracked and split. I used the bottom from the passenger side to repair my drivers side seat. There's really nothing left other than the frames.


You can purchase any of these items using your credit card and PayPal (you don't even need a PayPal account). Just click the "Pay Now" button. iCar is an Elastichost, the PayPal account name, business.
Front Bumper Cover - Pure Silver160Lower lip scraped up. 1 minor scratch in paint.
Front Bumper140Factory Aluminum
Hood Scoop w/Air Intake60Really nice in "Pure Silver".
Xenon Headlights w/Washers200For the pair. Right lamp has a minor scratch on the chrome and lens.
Front Grill (Pure Silver)403 plastic posts broken. It should still mount securly without them.
Air Vent Grills20For the pair. Excellent condition.
L Fender40and trim
R Fender40and trim
L Door200Includes mirror, inside door panel, window and all misc. parts.
L Rear Quarter200 
R Hatch300 
4 Tires/Rims. Only 1k miles on the tires!200Sentury 205 50ZR16 The previous owner just paid $400 to have these tires mounted and balanced.
Fuel Pump100Sold
Getrag 6 Speed Transmission500Sold
Engine/Supercharger 150K (hear it run)800Includes everything. Wiring harnesses, air boxes, alternator, flywheel, etc.. The only thing missing is the starter.
Air Conditioner Compressor100 
Air Conditioner Condenser40 
Tail Lights80For the pair.
ECU/BMC/EWS + 1 key fob140If you need a new computer, or a matched set, these were working perfectly when the car last drove.
ABS Pump + DSC60 
Shifter (condition A) (includes 4 cables)180 
Subframe/Power Steering Box260 
Chrome Gas Cap20 
Exhaust Header and Catalytic Converter (missing 1 of 2 O2 sensors)180 
Exhaust Heat Shields100Full set
Front Rotors - Original 40For both. Had these turned at Clackamas Auto Parts. Plenty of life left in these Brembo rotors. I'm just asking for what it cost me to turn them.
L./R. Wheel Hub/Strut Assembly100Each
Radiator Support40Broken at the bottom but doesn't cause any installation issues. Includes fog lamps (one lens is cracked).
Radiator and Electric Fan80 
L./R. Rear Trailing Wheel Hub80Each
Rear Bumper Cover and Trim. Pure Silver80Not perfect, but not terrible.

See and hear it run. 153k miles:

The engine, super charger and all the associated parts are being sold together. The engine is sitting on a pallet ready to be put on your trailer or in the bed of your truck. I have a lift to make things easier.